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Alicia Brown's art is deeply connected to the natural world. In that regard, she pays special attention to the types of materials she chooses to utilize in her process. And it is that process that allows her to explore fully the symbiotic relationship between the tactile and visual realms. Brown doesn't want the average viewer to just see her artworks in the visual sense; it is also important that the viewer 'feel' the artwork as well. To create this all-encompassing effect, the artist sources her materials carefully - whether it be ethically sourced or up-cycled fibers. Texture is an important component in her ability to create almost living and breathing objects. She works with her material much the same as a choreographer might work with a performer - allowing her intuition to largely guide her in this journey to a finished piece of art. It does not matter whether she is producing something small and intimate or large and commanding - the attention to detail and the relationship between materials are her guiding muse. Her intention is to create something that generates a natural wholesomeness while retaining its ability to radiate a strong spiritual presence. In that way, her sculptural pieces harken back to traditions, rituals, and practices that are as old as the earth itself - and often just as rewarding or captivating because of it. 

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