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Carina Schott’s personal history involves work in fashion and textiles, jewelry design, and furniture design. These almost sporadic interests finally culminated in a new approach to creating singular pieces of art. With a familiarity more at home in design history rather than fine art history, Schott unabashedly seeks to create installations and objects that attempt a simple kind of beauty and balance. In that case, her closest visual alignment would be with minimalist art. 


Schott is very interested in natural properties and suggested elemental energy sources. She chooses her pieces carefully so that their interaction with the wearer is not only aesthetic but equally symbolically healing. The connection between the healing properties of the earth and that of natural beauty are key to the clear and simple designs of Schott’s work. As well, Schott is unabashedly interested in all things spiritual. She believes that art works can generate a sense of the spiritual and in so doing, she is interested in combining her knowledge of rare stones, gems, and crystals with her interest in antique sculptures.

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