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The series of art works Samir Faris calls ‘Ambient Scapes’, he is mostly focused on rendering a sense of a landscape, seascape or skyscape- rather than a simple picture of a particular scape. For the artist, these are not literal scapes, in so much as they are what the artist calls: ‘the essence of a scape’ . He takes a specific scape image and then, with thread and needle, recreates and reduces that scape in a more abstract form. The idea is that as you move around the room from different vantage points the image will alter in appearance, sometimes as a sort of ghost-like image, and at other times more complete - in some cases these works can almost appear like a hologram. For inspiration the artist looks to the famous French Impressionists of historical fame. The impressionists often worked with layering and built up their colour.  Also, in visual structure, he is inspired by abstract artists such as the famous painter Mark Rothko. These are emotive structures designed to give the sense of a place and tone.

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